Rescue Ink and ThoranSoft Introduce Facebook App – RISA

Combining technology and strength to fight and stop animal cruelty
The RISA App helps the public report crimes of animal abuse and neglect


The facts are clear—animal abuse is a bridge crime. Most serial killers, pedophiles and rapists started off by abusing animals, at one time or another in their lives. They practice on animals, and when they feel confident or can’t feed that sickness inside anymore, they move on to something they deem to be helpless, which is usually a small child, woman or elderly person.  These are the people that Rescue Ink seeks out on a daily basis.

The new RISA application, developed and donated by ThoranSoft, Inc., collects worldwide, pertinent information on abuse cases specifically for Rescue Ink. The information is then acted upon as fast as humanly possible, with the most heinous cases taking first priority.  The information is also translated into statistical data for public viewing. When a municipality, lawmakers, universities or other rescuers need information on abuse and neglect in a specific area, they can have this data at their fingertips. This will help to pass laws as well as help people know where to focus their attention and prove certain patterns of abuse and neglect over time. The more people report abuse and neglect, the more statistical data this application will have.

The new RISA App also serves other functions. It is a portal to information on existing abuse laws throughout the United States and Quebec, CA. as well as linking rescued shelter animals to potential adoptive families. Visit the RISA App page for links to information on these topics, as well as general information about the app.

ThoranSoft, experts in Web and Business Intelligence application development, uses cutting-edge technology in all of the apps they build. They have developed and donated RISA to Rescue Ink for a simple reason – they are animal lovers and are against the abuse and cruelty brought upon innocent beings. For more information on ThoranSoft, visit them online at

2 thoughts on “Rescue Ink and ThoranSoft Introduce Facebook App – RISA

  1. Hi There,
    How are you?
    I am so sorry to hear about the damage from Hurricane Sandy! I am right in the middle of reading your book. In fact, I was up all night because I couldn’t put it down. I really related to so much of it.
    For the past year, I’ve been working as a very modest, very beginning “bunny whisperer” for lack of a better term, in Marin County, Ca. I’ve worked with animals in the past, and am a Certified Pet Nutritional Expert. (Although I realize you guys hate the “e” word.) I have only worked with dogs and cats until Spot, my House Rabbit Home Health Patient. Unfortunately, he had to be put down recently due to old age and degenerative joint disease of the spine. He was put down with his guard dog, the best Rottie in the world, EZ Girl, who had bone cancer. All of us at my work are still mourning them.
    Anyway, this is a long way of saying that I believe that you are doing DIVINE Work, and I wanted to commend you and you families for your sacrifice. I know it does not pay well.
    If I was there, I’d be working side by side with you cleaning, restoring and improving your shelter. As I am on the West Coast, I will keep you all in my prayers. PLEASE keep the faith, you truly are changing the world for the better!
    Yours in service,

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