Rescue Ink Announces New “One Dollar Saves a Dog” Program


Every dog does not live a ‘Dog’s Life’ right here in our own country.  

While many people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying puppies, there are thousands of amazing dogs of all ages who are minutes away from being put down, who are abandoned by owners who aren’t equipped to handle the responsibilities of owning a dog (or other pet), and who are abused so badly that they have to be taken away from their owners to avoid permanent harm or death.

And while there are many people who are committed to adopting and rescuing dogs at risk, there are more dogs that need good forever homes than there are people stepping in to adopt one.

At Rescue Ink we make it our business to ‘educate’ animal abusers in whatever legal way necessary.  Often we take in to our shelter dogs who have been severely abused, and are in need of medical attention, re-socializing, feeding and loving care.  And we need your help to do so.

We are proud to announce our new One Dollar Saves a Dog program.

We need your support.  The program is similar to programs offered by many zoos and aquariums across the country, where for a donation pledge you can ‘adopt’ a giraffe, or a rhinoceros, for example.  You don’t take the giraffe home, you don’t have to feed it or walk it or care for it.  But your donation supports the cost of food, housing and medical care – which is a lot more than most people think.

Our One Dollar Saves a Dog program works the same way.  You pledge and donate only $1 a week – that’s less than you spend on a coffee at Starbucks every day.  Your dollar goes a very long way.

You can help pay for urgent medical care, feeding, housing and care.

Every penny of your One Dollar a week goes towards the care of a special dog who needs to eat, sleep and be cared for safely, until we can find a forever home for him or her.  When you pledge a commitment of One Dollar a week, your donation helps us accomplish our mission to end animal abuse and save as many beautiful lives as we can.

Please think about what you could possibly do with One Dollar A Week that could be a better use of such a small amount.  For the dogs here at Rescue Ink, your One Dollar A Week is like a million.  We’ve spent a ton of money rebuilding our shelter which was destroyed completely in Hurricane Sandy, and we are expanding our facility for dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals who have been abused or are in need of medical care, housing and most of all human love until we can find the right adoptive home for them to live their lives surrounded by love and people who really care.

To become a donor or for more information please visit our donation page now at

Rescue Ink is a 501c(3) non-profit animal welfare organization, ID# 26-2694976, which exists for the advocacy and protection of all animals.

Rescue Ink and ThoranSoft Introduce Facebook App – RISA

Combining technology and strength to fight and stop animal cruelty
The RISA App helps the public report crimes of animal abuse and neglect


The facts are clear—animal abuse is a bridge crime. Most serial killers, pedophiles and rapists started off by abusing animals, at one time or another in their lives. They practice on animals, and when they feel confident or can’t feed that sickness inside anymore, they move on to something they deem to be helpless, which is usually a small child, woman or elderly person.  These are the people that Rescue Ink seeks out on a daily basis.

The new RISA application, developed and donated by ThoranSoft, Inc., collects worldwide, pertinent information on abuse cases specifically for Rescue Ink. The information is then acted upon as fast as humanly possible, with the most heinous cases taking first priority.  The information is also translated into statistical data for public viewing. When a municipality, lawmakers, universities or other rescuers need information on abuse and neglect in a specific area, they can have this data at their fingertips. This will help to pass laws as well as help people know where to focus their attention and prove certain patterns of abuse and neglect over time. The more people report abuse and neglect, the more statistical data this application will have.

The new RISA App also serves other functions. It is a portal to information on existing abuse laws throughout the United States and Quebec, CA. as well as linking rescued shelter animals to potential adoptive families. Visit the RISA App page for links to information on these topics, as well as general information about the app.

ThoranSoft, experts in Web and Business Intelligence application development, uses cutting-edge technology in all of the apps they build. They have developed and donated RISA to Rescue Ink for a simple reason – they are animal lovers and are against the abuse and cruelty brought upon innocent beings. For more information on ThoranSoft, visit them online at